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If you have an interest in or are concerned about sea bass angling in Ireland this website is for you.
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  • Extra bass stock protection?

    11th June, 2015

    Extra bass stock protection?

    Irish bass are hopefully just about to receive very special further protection on a European level.

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  • Bass tagging 2015

    25th March, 2015

    Bass tagging 2015

    Keep your eye out for tagged bass!

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  • Pelagic trawling ban

    20th February, 2015

    Pelagic trawling ban

    Pelagic trawling ban

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  • Bass stock decline

    1st August, 2014

    Bass stock decline

    Bass stock in decline

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  • Hooked Live Show

    16th January, 2013

    Hooked Live Show

    Come and meet Irish Bass at the Hooked Live angling show on 2nd and 3rd February at Ciywest Hotel, Dublin

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  • Irish bass meets Minister Fergus O’Dowd.

    7th December, 2012

    Irish bass meets Minister Fergus O’Dowd.

    John Quinlan from Irish Bass met Minister O’Dowd to persuade him that our bass laws should not be changed.

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  • UK Minister’s big boost for bass?

    4th December, 2012

    Is the big debate on the UK mls for bass about to be re-visited?

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  • The Future of Irish Bass Legislation

    28th November, 2012

    RTE1 8.30pm Thursday 29th November.

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  • Article in Irish Anglers Digest

    15th November, 2011

    Ed Fahy’s article in December issue of Irish Anglers Digest

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  • Good News for Bass Anglers

    9th November, 2011

    Coveney Rejects Commercial Sea Bass Fishing Proposal

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