With the global sales of smart drugs steadily climbing, the controversies surrounding its legal status continue to create turmoil between researchers in the medical field. To add to the confusion, newer smart drugs and their ease of availability leave the layman questioning the safety of these supplements. Similarly, some nootropics require a prescription, whereas the majority of smart drugs do not. In general, nootropics have proven to be safe and highly beneficial for cognitive enhancements. They can be purchased online which is yet another reason why individuals are hesitant about taking smart drugs.

The truth is, regardless of their similarity in compounds, each nootropic can have their own policy regarding consumption or sale. While most are easily available for buyers, it is the sellers and manufacturers who have to conform to strict regulations for their distribution. Furthermore, some countries have banned the use of certain formulated nootropics altogether, while other smart drugs can be purchased without a prescription. In the US, very few nootropics are passed as prescription drugs which fall under the category of “controlled substances.”

Controlled Drugs vs Non-Controlled Drugs

prescription smart drugs side effectsA vast number of smart drugs do not appear on the list of controlled substances in the US. Some of these include Piracetam, Adrafinil, Noopept, Alpha GPC and Aniracetam to name a few. Non-controlled smart drugs can be legally purchased or possessed in unlimited quantities. Of course, manufacturers and distributors cannot be held accountable for the amount of consumption of the same by a single individual.

Controlled smart drugs come in the form of prescription drugs; however, there are certain nootropics which have a limit to the amount you can buy at one time. This is usually a three-month supply limit and generally comes in to play for importing or carrying the substances overseas. This brings us to question on everyone’s mind; why do some nootroopics require a prescription?

What You Need to Know about Prescribed Smart Drugs

As mentioned earlier, most nootropics are can be purchased and used without a prescription. However, there are a few controlled smart drugs like Adderall and Modafinil that are strictly prescribed drugs in the US even though their legal status for sale and consumption may be different in other countries.

The reason why some nootropics require a prescription is because they are more powerful than regular, non-controlled smart drugs. The use of these nootropics must be taken in moderation or as prescribed by a doctor for safe consumption. Prescribed smart drugs can be harmful if not taken appropriately.

Although certain controlled substances in the US can be purchased online from foreign countries where they are available over the counter, it is still illegal to use them without a prescription. Not only is it highly unsafe to do this, but in general, purchasing smart drugs from unknown manufacturers overseas is strongly advised against as nootropics that have not been formulated and tested properly can cause serious side effects.

We recommend purchasing nootropics legally and from well-reputed companies for safe and effective use of the supplements.