Water Softener Installation

Hard water or limescale is the primary cause of death for appliances and kettles. Limescale removal is a complex task that can often be impossible to do if you wait too long. The best way to remove limescale is to not descale. There are many types of water filters you can choose from best water softeners 2023. A water softener is the best option to protect your plumbing and appliances against limescale buildup. Water softeners are available in a range of prices, depending on how large your household is.

Planning Your Installation. Pay attention to the water bylaws. You should ensure there is only a single water main supply. Make sure you allow enough space for salt filling, and any maintenance, at a later stage. Verify the water pressure by finding the main water supply stopcock and drain facility.

Water Pressure Test. It is crucial to conduct a pressure test. The softener could be damaged or destroyed if the water pressure is too low. Although the softener has been tested for pressure, it is recommended to add a pressure restrictor if your water pressure is greater than 5 bar (70psi). A leak controller is also recommended.